Long Term Care Facility Solutions

Finance, Human Resource and Operations Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities

HBM’s Long Term Care Sage 300 ERP Solution provides optimum accounting for Long Term Care facilities. Each module empowers our clients to meet the changing demands of their positions. These uniquely designed applications were built in collaboration with our long term care clients and industry consultants.

HBM’s Long Term Care Integrated Accounting for Sage 300 ERP…

  • Offers a custom application for accounting systems in long term care, featuring Sage 300 ERP as its robust backbone.
  • Synchronizes resident billing with the Department of Health and Ministry of Health.
  • Supplies robust management and financial reporting, data analysis and forecasting, to plan strategically for growth.
  • Controls costs through Time and Attendance tracking and Scheduling to maximize the value of your employees.
  • Is easily customized for the requirements of different types of homes, from rentals to multi-facility, in Atlantic Canada and Ontario.
  • Easily integrates multiple systems and applications seamlessly.
  • Consistently adapts to the changing needs of the industry and its facilities.

Components of our  Solution

HBM Integrated’s Long Term Care Facility Integrated Accounting Solutions addresses every aspect of accounting and financial management in a Long Term Care Home. This includes managing your people, managing your cash and managing your business:

HBM Long Term Care  Sage Solutions


  • Purchasing and Expense Management
  • Project Costing
  • Facilities Maintenance

 Financial Management

  • Asset Management
  • Cash Management
  • Long Term Care Billing

 Human Resources

  • Streamlined Time and Attendance
  • Scheduling: Facilitates scheduling the right person at the right cost. Minimizes overtime and reduces payroll costs.
  • Payroll: Proficient time-tracking and timely billing with a flexible payroll module accommodates the many unique requirements of a care facility, including union reporting.
  • Human Resources: Residents receive the best care possible with efficient access to resident information and well-maintained trust accounts. They feel better knowing they can access information instantly.

 Financial Reporting

Accurate forecasting, budgeting and costing contributes directly to the facility’s bottom line.

Sage 300 ERP is an integral part of our Long Term Care Facility Accounting Solution.

  • Sage 300 ERP is a perfect fit for the Long Term Care Facility.Sage CRM
  • Sage’s highly functional and flexible accounting solution supports your company’s complex business model.
  • A single integrated system with local support will improve the quality of your business decisions and your resident care.
  • Optimize efficiency with real-time views of your critical financial data, as well as quality of care issues.
  • Streamlined procedures will result in lower processing costs.
  • Intuitive and easy to learn resource modules bring a new level of simplicity and accessibility.

Learn more about Sage 300 ERP here

HBM Integrated has built a strong foundation in the field of Long Term Care Facility accounting. We have worked in close partnership with long term care facilities to provide comprehensive, customized solutions which integrate technology with business strategy. At HBM, we understand that computer process, people process and company output require creative solutions.

We are the bridge between our customers and technology — a single point of contact, supporting increased profitability. Our tailored solutions will suit your specific requirements, whether your organization is a standalone facility or a corporate chain.

For over 20 years HBM has been committed to contributing professional, timely service with knowledge and integrity. We build trust through solid partnerships and we are committed to our clients’ success.