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Continue Your Sage Education with Online Learning

Maximize your investment in your Sage 300 ERP by staying informed. Our Online Learning opportunities are the perfect way to stay educated with minimal disruption to your work schedule. Learn from the comfort of your own desk, or wherever you choose to be! We have many options for Online Learning that you can explore below:

Free Webinars at HBM

Sign up for one or all. Each webinar is held on a Wednesday and starts at 1pm. Each webinar will also feature a "Tech Corner" to highlight useful programs and/or features of software you may already be using, like Microsoft Excel, Outlook, etc...

…stay tuned for our fall schedule!

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Sage 300 ERP Webinars

Webinars are a great way to keep current from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, or tablet. You can sign up for live webinars, which give you the opportunity to interact with your host(s), or watch them after the fact by picking from a broad range of prerecorded webinars. Either way, it is easy, convenient, and most certainly educational!

Here is just a sampling of some upcoming Sage 300 ERP Intelligence webinars:

  • Sage 300 ERP Intelligence: A Smarter Way to Work - How Sage Intelligence can save you time, money, and effort. Join us to see why Sage Intelligence is a smart choice for your business and how it can solve your reporting hassles.
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting: Tips and Tricks - This session gives you some tips on making the most of Intelligence Reporting: Auto–emailing reports, scheduling reports, publishing reports to html. Report Scoping, Exporting & Importing and much more.
  • Sage Intelligence: Creating Reports & Report Layouts from Existing Containers - This session takes you through the step by step process of utilizing standard containers to create new Reports in the report manager, and then utilizing the powerful techniques used in Microsoft Excel to manipulate and present information in Excel.
  • What is your BI FIT? - Are you aware of what Sage Intelligence Reporting components are available and which are suitable for your business requirements? Let us help you determine what the best BI Fit is for your company.
  • Why Sage Business Intelligence, and how it can help Financial Managers - Is preparing financials a challenge in your business? Let us show you how Sage Intelligence Reporting allows you to automate the reporting process and get access to real–time reports in Microsoft Excel, saving you and your staff hours every month producing financial statements.
  • Sage Intelligence Connector: SQL Query & SQL Join Containers - In this session the presenter will demonstrate how you can create your own SQL query & SQL Join containers using the Connector & Report Manager functionality.

Click here to see a complete list of upcoming Sage 300 Intelligence upcoming webinars, PLUS their complete library of prerecorded webinars. Best of all, they are all FREE!

Sage University

Sage University offers more in-depth online learning for Sage ERP Users. From introductory modules for new staff, to module or process-specific multiple session courses, Sage University's online learning will give you the intelligence you need to maximize your investment in Sage ERP.

Sage University lets you sign up for online courses that you follow at your own pace. SageU offers the convenience of Internet-based recorded sessions that are available whenever you are. All you need is a computer, speakers, and high-speed Internet connection. SageU is an ideal way to review material, acquaint new hires with basic software skills, and train your staff in remote offices.

For example, these courses are currently available:

  • Using SageCRM 6.2
    • Session Level: Basic
    • Instructional Method: Anytime Learning
    • Subscription Period: Anytime Learning courses offer an unlimited number of viewings during the subscription period. This course is for single user access for a period of 6 months.
    • Session Content: This Anytime Learning course covers the sales, customer service, and support features of Sage CRM. It contains 8 lessons and over 3 hours of content: Lesson 1: Getting started with Sage CRM Lesson 2: Finding information Lesson 3: Dashboards and My CRM Lesson 4: Creating new records Lesson 5: Leads and opportunities Lesson 6: Cases Lesson 7: Activities Lesson 8: Reports The course demonstrates Sage CRM features, contains knowledge questions, and has interactive simulations to measure understanding.
  • Administering SageCRM 6.2
    • Session Level: Advanced
    • Instructional Method: Anytime Learning
    • Subscription Period: Anytime Learning sessions offer an unlimited number of viewings during the subscription period. This course is for single user access for a period of 6 months.
    • Session Content: In this Anytime Learning course, you will learn how to administer and maintain Sage CRM 6.2. There are 14 lessons and over 8 hours of training on the following topics: Lesson 1: Administrator Roles (22 Min) Lesson 2: Security Profiles (20 min) Lesson 3: Teams and User Templates (46 min) Lesson 4: User Settings (16 min) Lesson 5: Data Upload (50 min) Lesson 6: Products (16 min) Lesson 7: Quick Start (13 min) Lesson 8: Email (22 min) Lesson 9: Outlook Integration (59 min) Lesson 10: Customization (90 min) Lesson 11: Quick Notifications (20 min) Lesson 12: Component Manager (6 min) Lesson 13: Marketing Campaigns (77 min) Lesson 14: Sage CRM Solo (20 min)

Be sure to visit HBM's online training video library here, as well.

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