Third Party Products for Sage 300 ERP

Partner Solutions for Sage 300 ERP and CRM

Sage Partner Solutions are third-party applications that extend the functionality of Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM. As Sage Software Resellers, we have selected the following products to showcase, and have become experts in their implementation and support:

  • Service Manager by Technisoft
  • CounterPoint by EastCoast Point of Sale
  • Visionetix Software
  • V1 Document Management
  • PrintBoss by Wellspring Software
  • Stonefield Systems Group
  • Orchid Systems
  • Pacific Technology Solutions
  • Staff Schedule Care
  • Norming Software
  • F9 Analysis and Reporting Tools

Service Manager by Technisoft

At HBM Integrated, this is one of our favourite products! Service Manager can help manage the resources, products and services your business offers. Access your data locally or from the field using mobile or Web technologies to save time, lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity, and most important, improve customer satisfaction. See our separate page on Service Manager by Technisoft.

HBM partner Garry Beattie is North America’s foremost expert on Service Manager.


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CounterPoint by EastCoast Point of Sale

CounterPoint real-time software is a graphical point of sale and inventory management system that gives retailers complete data access and control over their business operations. CounterPoint includes a robust inventory management system, touch screen point of sale (POS) ticket entry, built-in customer loyalty programs, automated purchasing and impressive reporting capabilities.

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Visionetix’s Document Management System (DMS) lets you scan documents into binary format and store them in the Sage 300 ERP database for future retrieval. The DMS is another step towards a paperless office and cuts down on physical storage space as well as allowing the document to be quickly and easily retrieved at any stage. Documents are backed up with the Sage 300 ERP data. There are also powerful document search facilities.

Visionetix also offers a number of other Sage Partner Solutions.

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V1 Document Management

V1 Document Management Software & Imaging Systems enable the scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and electronic delivery of all your critical business documents automatically.

By using advanced OCR (optical character recognition) alongside your document imaging solution, organizations can significantly cut manual data entry, driving considerable cost and efficiency savings throughout your organization. Document management and imaging cuts paper usage, bringing the ideals of the paperless office closer than ever before by replacing paper-based processes with electronic procedures. Eliminating the printing, posting and manual filing of paper documents makes excellent environmental sense. Go green with V1 Document Management!

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PrintBoss by Wellspring Software

PrintBoss makes your documents smarter because it adds the intelligence to print, email, fax and digitally file your documents anywhere on your network. PrintBoss seamlessly integrates with your Sage 300 ERP or Adagio accounting software. Most customers use PrintBoss to create cheques on blank cheque paper. PrintBoss creates the cheque format and all the cheque information including the company information, bank account number, bank routing number and cheque number. You can save 80% of the cost of buying preprinted cheques. Companies with multiple bank accounts can use the same paper for all of the cheques that they print.

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Stonefield Systems Group

Stonefield Query is designed specifically to provide Sage 300 ERP business intelligence for the casual user. It gives you the ability to create you own ad-hoc queries and reports, production reports, and parameterized reports from scratch without needing to know anything about programming. Stonefield Query lets you produce row and column reports, cross-tab reports, charts/graphs, labels, etc. It works with virtually any database including: Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySql, Sybase, Pervasive, and more.

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Orchid Systems

Orchid Systems’ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) streamlines payment and collection processes and tightens control over bank transfers. EFT Processing transfers Sage 300 ERP receipts and payments through to the electronic funds transfer functionality of your banking software.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced bank transaction fees.
  • Process both receipts and payments.
  • No duplicated data entry, saving time and eliminating errors.
  • Expensive check stationery not required.
  • Improved security on vendor/customer bank account details.
  • Improved security on issuing checks – no checks lost in the post.

Orchid Systems also offers a number of other Sage Partner Solutions.

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Pacific Technology Solutions

Purchasing Workflow provides an easy-to-use requisitioning program, and a powerful, configurable workflow engine that supports many of the workflows and controls that organizations typically require. Purchasing Workflow enables organizations to tightly control & manage their procurement system.

Pacific Technology Solutions also offers a number of other Sage Partner Solutions.

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Staff Schedule Care is North America’s first complete On-demand Workforce Management Solution designed to handle the complexities of labor management for Long Term Care and Retirement Facilities of all sizes. has been designed to save you time and money by automating all aspects of Labor Management from budgeting right through to payroll integration. This product works well as part of HBM’s Long Term Care Facility Billing solution.

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Norming Software

Norming Asset Management is a powerful and complete asset management solution with Sage 300 ERP. The core functionality module, Asset Accounting, can be used to process all the asset accounting transactions, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split. The higher functionality module, Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing can be used to facilitate the asset maintenance and lease management. The complete Asset Tracking facility is also available.

Norming Software also offers a number of other Sage Partner Solutions.

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F9 Analysis and Reporting Tools

F9 is an easy-to-use financial reporting tool that dynamically links general ledger (GL) data to Microsoft Excel and is available for over 150 different accounting and ERP systems. Excel users already know how valuable spreadsheets are for financial reporting. F9 leverages that value by delivering your GL data directly to Excel through a dynamic link to the most current information – with no exports or manual entries required. If you know Excel, you know F9!

An F9 solution:

  • Simplifies real-time GL access and reporting
  • Easily consolidates GLs
  • Supports customized reporting options
  • Facilitates web-based reporting
  • Maximizes personnel and productivity
  • Enhances decision making
  • Enables quick setup and deployment
  • Provides high return on investment

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