HBM Integrated's Services

Services We Provide

HBM Integrated Technology Inc. services range from initial installation and training to on-site, online and telephone support for system operators and management. Our strength lies in our ability to understand your business and help you get your accounting and financial system to where it needs to be, with higher efficiency and the information reporting you need to run your business better. We do this through integration, knowledge, and the best service in the industry.

Business Analysis

At HBM, our core strengths are in the design and implementation of robust financial and operating systems. Initially, an HBM trusted advisor will meet with you and your strategic planners. During this exploratory meeting, we will examine your business processes to identify areas where the structure of your organization or your computer system are not supporting your success. We will discover your unique accounting system needs. After the review, we will provide a report identifying specific areas where your current accounting system is underperforming. We will also identify the key factors that will drive future success. This will provide a foundation for building improvements into your overall operation.

System Design

HBM accounting solutions are highly customized. Our team has broad experience and depth of knowledge in implementing and supporting Sage 300 ERP solutions, from the single user system to highly networked systems running the latest SQL databases. Sage Accpac is highly scalable and can be configured for a single office or scaled up to accommodate multiple locations dispersed over a large area.


We make your transition as smooth as possible by providing expert implementation planning, project management and data conversion.Our objective is to help you feel comfortable during the transitional learning process. We offer training individually or in a group. We tailor each training plan to your organization and your staff’s needs, setting a pace that works for you. We identify how your users learn, and customize your training package to meet their individual learning styles. Our goal is for you to understand the software and how your organization can maximize its usefulness at a business tool.


Our passion is providing you with a customized accounting system that generates financial and management reports that will facilitate your business decision making. Get the information you need quickly, in a format that allows you to analyze the efficiency of your organization.

Ongoing Client Support

We provide consistent and reliable support when it is convenient for you, and training to make sure you feel confident. We care about our clients results and respond in a timely manner. Through program upgrades and your varying organizational demands; we are with you all the way.

Our online support is always available, interactively via the internet. Within minutes of your call, we will join you on your desktop via secure high speed internet and support you remotely. Our clients appreciate how fast they can get help.

Procedures Documentation

Having well documented procedures in your accounting department creates continuity as staff grow their roles within you organization. At HBM, we help identify, hone and document those procedures in detail, and present them in a user-friendly manner, so they are both used and appreciated by members of your organization.